10W/30 SL/CH4 is a high performance multi-grade engine oil incorporating advanced additive technology in superior quality mineral oils. 10W/30 SL/CH4 maintains engine cleanliness by protecting against carbon deposits and lacquer build-up, and is formulated for better cold start performance, whilst the multi-grade properties protects against high temperature operating conditions.


  • Good high and low temperature performance
  • Good protection against ring sticking at high temperatures, maintaining oil performance whilst minimising oil consumption and emissions
  • Very high standard of engine cleanliness
  • Excellent sludge control protection
  • Long lasting dispersant, anti-wear and corrosion protection


10W/30 SL/CH4 engine oil meets the performance requirements of:

  • API: SL/CH4
  • ACEA: A3, B3, E2
  • MB: 228.1, 229.1
  • Alison: C4
  • Caterpillar: TO-2
  • Volvo: VDS
  • VW: 501.01, 505.00


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10W/30 Engine Oil